Early Childhood Programme

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Classes for 1, 2, 3 year olds = 45 min. (Level 1, 2 and 3)

These are very busy sessions including lots of singing, playing and moving. Children play a variety of sturdy instruments focusing on basic concepts of loud/soft, fast/slow and start/stop. We include action songs and circle dances, creative movement with streamers, scarves and ribbons. We use a variety of props including puppets, musical stories, and magnetic board counting games. Activities are multi-sensory so children's brains are absorbing information through many senses at once. The brain processes all this information simultaneously and grows, in order to handle the information. Children learn how to drive their bodies, developing coordination, strength and a sense of how their body fits into the space around them. The caregiver works alongside the child, encouraging and enjoying the session with them.

Level 2 sessions include the beginning of hand signs to help develop in-tune singing.

Level 3 children use chime bars for steady beat accompaniment to simple songs and the exploration of high and low sounds.

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Classes for 4 year olds = 60 min. (Level 4)

An action packed session including development of in-tune singing, creative movement, action songs, musical stories and circle dances with chances to be the leader. We play large wooden xylophones, chime bars and a large variety of non-melodic percussion instruments. Part playing is introduced and developed in level 5. We investigate rhythmic pattern, as a development from steady beat. Pictorial notation leads towards conventional musical notation. Children are encouraged to participate independently.

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