Since 1989 Wendy Jensen and Janet Channon have inspired children to learn through stimulating, holistic, fun, music activities. They created Kids Music Company (KMC) so that children worldwide could also benefit from these activities.
Wendy and Janet are music education specialists. Their original music inspires children to be actively involved in learning from a very early age onwards. Their music is designed, trialled and developed through their own teaching, ensuring children's successful participation, enjoyment and learning.
KMC also produces accompanying manuals and DVDs enabling other teachers and caregivers to share successful learning opportunities with their children.
KMC's aim is to provide musical experiences to develop the whole child through skill development in the following areas: motor (physical), auditory (listening), language, visual, memory, musical and social. Multi-sensory experiences help children develop integrated brains for faster thinking.
Through nurtured teaching and a supportive environment a child experiences success and therefore builds improved self confidence and a positive self esteem.
Wendy and Janet are award winning writers for the seventh year running in the United Kingdom 'Practical Preschool' awards.