Splinka Dinka Workshop

Kids need to move in order to learn. We know that, but how do we make it fun and easy to teach?

When kids move, their senses are stimulated (visual, aural, kinesthetic and vestibular). Motor skills develop and their brains are open to learning. When songs are added to movement a child can also develop memory and language, as well as social, creative and musical skills while developing listening and visual strength - and it is fun! 

Music with movement can be a true vehicle for learning. 

The Splinka Dinka collection includes 25 songs to motivate movement. Most of them new and a few you’ll recognize with a new twist to extend learning! Click here to hear some excerpts from the CD.

How does an elephant move differently from a tree frog? Why should we pick up litter? How many penguins are left after four have slipped into the sea? How do you draw a triangle using your shoulder?

Included are songs for playing instruments, partner and group dances, counting songs, songs to understand positional language, move creatively and develop midline and balance.

Songs are written particularly for children’s developmental stages in early childhood and junior school. 

- And you don’t have to be a rock star to teach them! No pre-requisites required, just a willingness to join in the fun.

Note: Please bring a drum and a shaker for each participant.

Tutor: Janet Channon - Higher Dip Tchg, Grad Dip Orff Schulwerk (Melb),  ANCOS Orff Level 4 Teachers Cert. (Australia)

Janet Channon and Wendy Jensen began Kids Music Company in 1989.  Thousands of children have attended weekly sessions of music over the years.  Their huge catalogue of purpose built music for specific early learning has gained international acclaim, winning 11 top awards in the United Kingdom’s Practical Preschool Awards since 2003.  Wendy and Janet’s music is keenly sought by children, teachers and parents alike.   Janet has run countless workshops for parents, teachers and teacher training institutions in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  

See timetable for dates and venues.

Cost: $55 per person.  (10% discount for 3 or more staff from the same Centre paying full rate)

$25 full time student (no further discount applies)

Confirmation & receipt will be by email.   Cancellations will incur a $20 admin fee.  No refunds given within one week of the course date.   

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