Workshop Testimonials

What people think of our Workshops:

We are always receiving positive feedback from those who attend our numerous workshops. We have included just some of this feedback for your interest.


Click here to read an excerpt from the Presidents report following the Orff Schulwerk Assoc South Australian Conference in 2008.


"Just wanted to say we thoroughly enjoyed the Wellington Mango Tango Workshop last week. Excellent music and presentation. I have used your CDs for many years but was really pleased that 2 of my workmates from the pre-school came along as well. Neither of them feel all that confident with music, and having been shown exactly how to use each song, they are keen to give it a go. I think 'Where's my breakfast' is going to become a familiar echo in the classrooms. I was playing it at home and my 10 year old boy and I both ended up crawling round the floor being diggers, he thoroughly enjoyed it too, maybe only in the privacy of his home, but still great catchy music and nice sound. Well done."

From a Wellington Teacher

"The best workshop I have been to in years. I was delighted with it. It was informative, fun and most of all hands on and I was inspired by the new resources."

Kindergarten Teachers, Hutt-Wairarapa Kindergarten Association, NZ.

"Professional + Practical = Perfect"

Prepare yourself to be enthused and inspired! Wendy and Janet's love of music and wonderful resources will lift your spirit and your music programme. The children and staff at Pinehill School, from year 1 to year 6, are jumping and jiving, singing and stomping to the 'KMC' beat."

Martin Vanderhoorn, Deputy Principal, Pinehill School, Auckland, NZ.


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